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I've been talking with this guy i met on tinder and he told me "I'd just like to see where this goes" he's nice to me and maintains a conversation and calls me darling and he's sweet but since Friday he hasn't been answering? he gets on and I send him messages on snapchat and he opens them but doesn't answer, he's a marine so I don't know if he's not answering because he's been busy or what and I don't know I feel stupid for falling for him and for liking him when it may not be mutual even though he says he doesand I live in Mexico and can't go to the U. S. right now and he says that he's willing to wait for me and meet me even though it might be hard so I don't know what do do or say or I don't know if he's just playing hard to get now, I think if he wouldn't want to talk to me anymore he would've already unmatched me, don't you think? and he likes my moments and everything so I honestly don't know why he's not talking to me 😔 but he also has a sexual side to him and he likes to do dirty talk, he doesn't force me to do anything so I don't know, I just hope he answers 😞


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  • He's not interested in dating you.