Guys I have a question for you Is He into me? Is he serious?

Guys I have a question for you Is He into me? Is he serious?

We are longdistance from each other right now, we stay in contact through social media (I first met him when I was in his town)

Things he has done

he intiates contact almost always (mostly daily)
he sent me a photo he took for me of a rose while he was out in a bar alone having a drink
and chatted too me through social media

I said I was going back to see him this month, he has asked me a few times, when we have spoken, if I have booked my ticket, he said he only work 8 hours a day , so will be able to see you everyday.

He said the other night to me

I remember our first kiss now baby
I said that I remembered too
and he replied you do

I said yes
And said I remember our hug now

he replied saying oh god you sweet

I said i'm not sweet

and he sent another reply you;re sweet to me

and I said well you're an exception
and then he said- i'm not good and not really deserve you

Tonight he asked me if I was coming alone or with someone else? (vacation to see him)
I replied i was looking to come myself
but my mum said she might like a holiday, but i'm not sure she might change her mind

he replied
i'm sure she will come she cares for you

I said yes but I told her i was going alone and mum said ok

he sent another reply saying-more good for you if you come alone, you will have you own space
and I will have you all to myself

Things I should say about this guy

when I last saw him back in February on our first date, he was very shy, didn't try anything on with me, apart from when he walked home, kissed me goodnight

He also suffers from low self esteem
and doesn't tend to open up much

Forgot to add. I have always made it perfectly clear to him, that i'm the kinda girl who will just sleep with someone, and I told him him, i'm not just looking for a bit of fun, I am looking for a real relationship.
He said he wanted to take it slow this was a month ago
Who will not just sleep with someone


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  • I'm not getting a good feeling about this guy. He seems like he is only interested in having sex with you...

    • We have never slept together, and I have always stated that I am not that kinda girl, he has also seen how shy I am, he never brought up sex when he took me on our first date

    • Yes I am aware that you have not slept with him yet. But just because you told him you are not that kind of girl, doesn't mean it is going to keep him from trying.