Help with mixed signals?

So, I was seeing a guy for a short while (we never offically dated). We were competely into eachother and things were great till we had a falling out. Recently we reconnected and decided to possibly try and work things out. After a week he suddenly changed his mind (with help from his friends im sure) about us and said he simply wanted to be friends. However, we talk every day all day, Skype, and plan hang outs for when he's home from work trips. I would even go as far as to say we flirt extensively and still call each other pet names at times. He also has times when he talks about "boundries" and not being able to be "romantic" but a while later we'll be back to flirting and acting like we might as well date.

I do still have strong feelings for him and hope in the future that things may change. But I am also someone who worries a lot naturally and tends to over think about everything but I really feel like I'm getting mixed signals here. He only wants to be friends, and claims he can't work things out with me, yet flirts with me like he still wants to be with me.

I've been told he's leading me on and using me for his own gain and ego boost among many other things. Maybe it's true, I've heard it all from friends. But I really don't know what to make of these mixed signals even with their advice.


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  • Tell him when he makes up his mind to call otherwise leave you alone. I agree with your friends


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