You guys :( I just ended a bad relationship & I've introduced myself to someone else, and now I'm terrified. Please some advice is needed?

I was with my first ever boyfriend for 4 months, and I broke things off exactly a week ago. I'm 20. He's 29. He wasn't a good person... It took me some distance from him to realize how toxic he is.. And how he made me feel so insignificant. He would do it in a way like.. "I support all you do, and I would do anything for you..." Yet he would say misinterpretations of my actions, he would make me feel like I shouldn't be proud of myself at all... Like all I did was small, and what he did was amazing. He was a very reckless person... He didn't care about himself, his child, and I should have known he didn't truly care for my wellbeing either. He had anger issues as well. Anyways, in the beginning it felt SO right... And throughout the relationship I was so blind... I stood up for him.. Against my dad and my best friend's better judgement. I was blind.

I saw this guy at my college... And he captivated me. And I think it's mutual. Today, I introduced myself to him... And it's going great.. I mean, he seems much more like me. My ex didn't like art, he lived for the reality and instant gratification. This guy is an artist, a musician... As am I.. He gets art. He seems to get life's depths as I do... Yet I'm so drained from my last relationship... And scared! What if I'm wrong yet again? What if I become blind and lose myself to this new guy? Yet, I don't want to miss out on someone who could be wonderful and treat me like I actually am golden... Instead of like a tossable wood chip in a stack.


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  • This is a rebound relationship and not advised. These seldom last

    • I wouldn't call it rebound. I am not trying to forget about my ex or replace what we had. I had no intention of being with anyone... But then I saw him and I could t resist. I isn't often I see someone I genuinely am attracted to.

    • It is a rebound because you have to grieve or get over the bad feelings before you can give all of yourself to a new guy. It isn't fair to him

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