Guys who are older than you?

I'm year 9 and I'm 14 and I like this guy who is in year 12 but he's only 16.
I really want to get to know him better but I don't think he'd go for me seeing as there is a 2 year age gap and 3 year school age gap
as I'm in the youngest high school year and he is in the second oldest.
What should I do?
also he's kind of shy so I don't know how to start trying to get his attention
we've talked quite a few times and we catch the same bus but other than that I don't know what to say

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  • older guys are where the best dates are! Start saying hi to him all the time, sit with him at lunch, find a reason to stand next to him waiting for the bus and sit next to him or behind him on the bus.

    16 yo guys can be shy like you said and you, as the girl, need to take the lead coz he is/will be oblivious to the fact that you like him.

    I bet he is a nerdy guy... to me, they are more fun to date than jocks! Trust me, I know... every nerd I dated, proved good things come in nerdy packages...

    • Yeah he is quite nerdy
      He is so cute though
      And he's so lovely
      And he has such a cute accent
      Just.. I don't know if he cares about age or not
      Or whether he even likes me ahah

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    • Yeah I have size D breasts and average hips
      Thank you for your advice

    • That's great! You have everything a nerdy 16yo guy will not be able to say NO to.

      If he acts scared, be his friend first and reassure him you are not doing this as a joke, you really like him, and you are not going to eat him (not until you are going out a while! lol)

      Good luck! You shouldn't have any trouble getting him to go out with you!

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  • try talking to him again and ask him out

  • Stick to the books young girl.. He probably feels he is at top of the food chain and may not be receptive to you. High school is rough as I remember. Take heed it al work out in the end 😊