Girls, Where are you now that I need you?

Okay so I am a boy living in Australia, and I have female friend that lives in America. I really like her and I have talked to her almost every single day for 8-9 months, but I don't think she wants a LDR (Long distance relationship. I have kind've told her how I feel but i think she thought Iw as being silly. (I dunno) We always talk for prolonged periods of time and we play games and Skype. One time we were playing with some of her friends and they asked how we were still just friends, but neither of us answered, so they think that we would be okay together? We have fun, playful conversations, and she shares her problems with me and I the same and I just feel we match but I have no idea I could just be friend-zoned and and over exaggerating what goes on between us. I can put up a sample of the conversations, I might change the scenario (inscase she answers). Just help, advice, anything please?


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