How Many dates do you go on before making it "official"?

How many times do you need to see someone before considering them your bf/gf?

Is there a particular milestone? # of dates, first kiss, firet time having sex with the person?

Im just wondering when people usually take it to the next step?


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  • Lol for me there's nothing like that! Communication is key. But yeah again a couple of hang outs are necessary to get to know someone.

    • So when do you know if you want to make it official? What has to happen in order for you to make someone your bf/gf?

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    • I think he knows im pretty genuine, I have my own career and i'm very ambitious, I dont think he's too worried about me being after his money. I just genuinely really love spending time with him & I'm pretty nervous around him so I think he realizes that I have a huge crush on him. I guess i'm just wondering how long its gonna take before we're official, I've known I wanted to be with him since the first date.

    • Omg don't dwell yourself in all that lovey doveyness give this thing some time. If I was into someone then I'd make it official on our first date because I've already hung out with her a couple of times before and if its a date then its obvious I'm into her. But its different for everyone.

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