Do you like to stab your own heart?

If you have ever been in a relationship and it ended for whatever reason. Are you one of those who likes to know why? Or what happened? And is curious to know everything?

Or if your bf/gf cheated and she/he is honest with you. Are you one of those who likes to know every single detail? And even more?

Etc, etc. anything similar to something like that or something that you know it hurts you but you just want to know more and more.

  • yes, i am one of those who likes to stab my self
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  • no, i rather not know any details
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  • Yeah, me this girl had good sexually chemistry. We liked each other, what ever. But started losing interest in me. It started off as her treating me like shit cause she know I'm a nice guy. Then went tell her stop but she refused. But flirted all the more. We even had days were can work out differences in a day. But she was getting more and more Immature. So I try to help her. She would talk dirty to anyone, I most of the chasing. I try to cheer her up on days when work was a pain she would text thanks but everyone else it's like. I luv you, thanks girl!!! And etc. so I knew I was in hot water but same time she wanted sex from me and wanted to be pampered. I took a stab at it but stopped. I don't know.. It's like God stepped in or what have you but after that day she went down hill and I understood why. That's all she wanted was sex and to move on. Here I am giving flowers, gifts and celebrating special days with her but before we were about have sex she failed to hang out with me, treats me like crap and etc. so I had to drop her. But I wanted a reason too. Soon after 4 months my sister who friends with the girl told me she had sex with another guy, and so on. I was thankful that i was away from her now but I'd would like to know why a girl who is afraid get hurt, hurt other guys and say what don't do and dont like but do it to other people? And etc.

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