Why do I come off innocent to girls and boys?

I am 16 and im a girl. I look like a 12 year old and im my sister who is younger looks older. I have a long dirty blonde hair, green eyes and fair face. I look like i came out of disney which is sad. I have never dated because i dont want to. I live in Egypt so we're all muslims and parents dont usually allow dating. Where i live it's allowed but not really. In western countries, because everything is okay you have girls who can get pregnant at the age of 14 and it's okay. We dont have that here lol so if some guys find that there are some girls who can give them what they want, they immediately chase her. They flirt too much and ask dirty questions to test her limits and if she's that stupid they'd conquer the world.. In bed. I come off as polite because of that and i know the guys respect me for it but i come off as a baby. I am very sensitive but dont usually show it and i can be very playful and bubbly. I have been asked out before and i have been hit on before but the idea of coming off innocent is sad. I moved to that new place 3 years ago. I didn't get along with the boys the first 2 years but now im fine but they still have an idea about me. I was very naive and sill but outside school i am different. I make friends and i make guy friends but again the innocence thing makes me appear stupid plus my sense of humor. By innocence i mean not doing "big girl things" and not hurting others or being naive which im not. Im very silly but im not stupid.


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  • I think you should stay exactly how you are. I'm literally looking for an innocent and sweet girl like you and can't find one around here. You sound perfect. Don't change for anyone else and the right guy will come along who will love you just the way you are


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