Girls what would you do if a guy you'd been talking to (online) suggested meeting up after 6 days?

So you've been talking for less than a week and he suggests meeting up in a day or so. Your conversations have been great and flowing well but it's noit that long really that you've been talking.

What would your reaction be?

If you'd decline him would you also stop talking to him? Or think less of him?

  • I'd say no and stop talking to him. It's creepy to suggest that so soon.
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  • I'd say no but give him another chance.
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  • I'd actually probably say yes.
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So only one girl has voted A, that they would stop talking, and two even aid they would go on the date. So perhaps it's worth taking the risk?
Any other opinions? You seem quite divided on this.


Most Helpful Girl

  • 6 days? well id definitely decline but id still keep talking to him. i wouldn't just brush someone off straight away because of that. only time i can imagine myself getting pissed off would be if he kept persisting to see me every few days after that.

    • So if he ignored the rejection and just went back to talking to you as he had been, would the asking to meet you early have damaged his chances long term or not too badly?

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    • It's not that I see her as a prize, it's that there are other guys with personalities not too different from mine, and some of them are probably better looking. I can't blame her for wanting to be with one of them, but if I can I'd rather have her want to be with me.

    • trust me, i get it. just listen to me please lol. dont ruin it by getting ahead of yourself because u will regret it.

Most Helpful Guy

  • I'd say just go for it sooner rather than later. I usually wait until she seems comfortable with me which shouldn't take more than a few days. Either she's interested in actually meeting you or she's not, and i doubt trying to text with her for weeks is going to change that too much. Think about it like this: she responded to your advances on a DATING website, she gave you her number knowing what your intentions were (DATING), she's still talking to you, odds are she's interested in meeting you. Not only that but it is highly highly unlikely that's she's just going to up and stop talking to you just because you asked her out too early

    • I haven't got her number yet. It's an actual dating website (rather than hook up site like tinder), that's why I'm more worried.

    • and in the meantime, other guys are talking to her, getting her number, and going out with her

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  • In my experience, about a week of online chatting is perfect. Enough time to establish a bit of compatibility but not too long so that the initial online spark is lost. Any longer, you run the risk of being relegated to the dreaded "friendzone." You also run the risk that someone else may be talking to her as well and may make a move.

    I have lost interest in guys who never suggest a meet up. It's a waste of time to endlessly chat. Around one week is enough time for me to know I am interested in meeting.

    Suggest a safe date, like a lunch meeting.

    It's no different than meeting someone in a coffee shop and asking them out; in fact, you know the online person a little better than the random stranger.

    Go for it. If she likes you I bet a cyber dollar she agrees to meet.

  • only 6 days? NOPE

    • You'd politely decline (and keep talking)? Or stop talking to him because of it?

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    • later on...

    • I don't mind the prospect of being rejected now if she's going to keep talking to me and maybe be open to meeting in a few weeks time. I'm just worried that she might be the type of girl who would meet up earlier, and that if she is some other guy might ask her out while I'm still just talking to her and not moving forward.

      So what I'm wondering is do you think asking her is likely to do much harm to my chances later on?

What Guys Said 1

  • There's a progression. You'll want to transition from Internet/text-only to phone or (preferably) video chat. If you want to arrange a date, pick something both low-key and public, like a coffee shop. Somewhere both comfortable and safe. Treat it as no more than what it is - a first date.