Dating tips? I am originally from Italy and moved here recently. It seems dating culture is different here! Any tips please?

I see so many people at work. They smiles and stare at me! I just talk a little with my co workers like how are you! My friend told me I am not reachable! Maybe because English is not my first language so I can't talk that much beside I am shy they think I am not reachable? How I know someone wants to go out with me? Should he give me his number? Does my co workers smiles and staring at me mean anything? Please help me

Any help?


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  • Hi! I have a question or two for you: Have you told anyone there that you are shy? Is it possible to go to lunch with some of the employees for the purpose of having them get to know you a little bit more? Or perhaps if you are a good cook like all my Italian friends seem to be you could invite a group to your house/apartment and everyone gets to know more about you? Is there any employee at your work who speaks Italian that could help with this possible English issue?

    I am going to have to get some sleep now, as I have been up a long time this past day, but please post your responses and I will check back later.


    • Yes everyone knows that I am shy! I told them and they can tell right away I am shy. I went one time with 2-co workers. One married women and one guy who has a girl friend. It lunch was so boring because they talk and I listen only. So I didn't go again. I want to go with single people girls and guys.

    • I understand, I used to be shy. (I think shy women are adorable.) You might consider connecting with some Italians who speak English if possible, or perhaps a tutor to help gain more confidence. Join a group (for example for people interested in history, art, music, or museum tours). If you like to dance, find a classy club and get to know a bartender or female worker or somebody there that can help you feel comfortable so when men ask you to dance it will be ok for you. Consider taking ballroom or other dancing classes, there are men there. Another idea is cooking classes given at stores such as Williams-Sonoma; it's been my experience that men that attend such activities are not typical, they can be more sensitive to your (or any woman's) feelings and they show a creative side. If you like sports, there are lots of professional teams in major cities, and I personally know a couple who met at a baseball game.

      Perhaps take a female friend along for these activities. Ciao!

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