Please help me girls and guys, understanding this extra-weird situation?

1. A girl likes me and she sits at the back just becoz i sit at the back with my friends.
2. Now she came in the class and sat at the 3rd last bench, while all the front rows were empty.
3. Her one and only male friend enters the class, they talk for a moment and then that guy asks her to go in the front.
4. She says "ok" , they both go and sit on the 4th last bench, she kept the bag in between her and that guy.
5. After 3 seconds, she says "lets go more in the front" , and now they both are sitting almost in between the class, and she still keeps the bag in between her and him.

Now im confused as hell, if she was sitting at the back for me, why she did not say NO to her friend?
And why did she say to him that lets go and sit even further front benches?
Why she did that? please help me...

I dont think they both like each other... she has many times ignored him sitting in the middle bench and comes to sit at the back... but that douchebag leaves his sit and comes and sit with her...
NOTE - she talks to him politely and smiles too... but that maybe to make me jealous...
my friends tell me that they are just friends but the guy is clings... and likes her...


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  • Girls are confusing sometimes, just about all the time. I know, 'cause I am one. But, just give her time. Maybe she knows that other guy likes her, and she's trying to be nicer to him. Honestly, you don't really know she likes you unless you ask her. For me, in my experience, a guy 3 years older then me loves me and it's easy to tell. If she does things for you without asking her too, If she wants to be near you all the time at school, if she flirts with you and laughs at all of your corny jokes. Then, she likes you. I'll spend more time looking for these signs to really know if she likes you.

    • Ok first of thnx,,, ur response is best /...
      lemme tell u all what happend...
      she gave me all those signs... and she used to sit at the back...
      then i was going out with my male friends in the break so i asked her "do u want something"
      she said "can i come with u" , i said "the space is less in the car"
      after that... she is ignoring me...
      but she sat at the back after this incident but moved in the front when her friend asked her...
      i dont know what the fck to do... :(.

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    • hey i just wanted to ask u...
      if a guy asks u "do u want something to eat" , and gives u his mail and tells u to mail him...
      will u think "he likes u" , because i did this with this girl...
      but she did not mail me...
      i dont know what to do... does she really know i like her?

    • She probably doesn't know you liked her. If you do that say it with a smile, and she'll give in to going out to eat sometime and texting you.

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  • Were you two actively talking as much as possible? If you weren't then she might just wanted to talk with someone so she went with him since she knew he would give her attention.
    She might have done it out of politeness to the guy when he asked and then not like the seat where she was at so she suggested to move.
    Honestly though, who cares? It's not a weird situation at all. You're making mountains out of ant hills. If you're interested in her ask her out, it's literally that simple. If you you're too chicken to ask her out then forget about her and mind your own business.

    • Bro, yeah we used to talk... infact i asked her do u want something to eat... she said can i come with u... so i said the space is less in the car... After that she is ignoring me... but that fine... the thing i dont understand is... if she liked me why she moved ahead with him? and OK, lets say out of politenes... then why she suggested moving more in the front.. maybe she was pissed at him? and bro,.,, she always places her bag between her and him... what does that mean?

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  • Maybe she's not sure if you like her , that's why she's waiting for you to make the first step.

    • ok, i i will ask her out...

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  • How do you know she sits in back for you? When I sit in the back its because I wanna browse. You're overthinking it too much. If you like her then talk to her and ask her out. Don't wait for her to sit next to you.

    • Bro, i know she likes me,,, she keeps looking at me from the corner of her eye,,,,
      and yeah i will do that.. but i dont want to appear clingy and coming in between her and her guy friend... or boyfriend watever...

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