Guys, How can I know if a guy is going to make the first step?

so there's this guy in my college that i bump into every day, we stare at each other and some stuff happened like smiling or stuff. How can i make him do the first step and ask me out?

please answer guys!!!


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  • You can walk up to him and start rubbing his junk that should clue him in. Or you could actually start up a conversation with him

  • Funny story here, well, sort of but, yeah, anyway, I'll try to keep it as short but detailed as possible since I only have a limited amount of characters.

    Wayyy back in 2008, it was only my 2nd semester of my first year of college. One day, I was just sort of looking around at the different places in the college I go to (and still do), one of which happened to be the gym. There was an event going on that I was unsure what it was but I was just sort of standing there anyway. Low and behold, this lovely looking girl came up behind me and said "what's going on here". So I said, I don't know, and just walked away, not thinking anything of it.

    Couple weeks or so later, I think, I was sitting down in one of the chairs around where my classes are, waiting for the bus (didn't have my car at the time). Up comes the same girl and she says "do you know where such and such is?" and I said "oh, I think it's over there". Anyway, she actually wound up sitting down with me and we talked for a good hour, which, at the time, made me late for my job. I eventually asked her number, and we even set up a date with each other, just walking around the school, nothing serious or anything, somewhere we'd both feel comfortable at.

    Anyway, the date went fine, didn't kiss her butttt we hugged or whatever and off we went.

    Stuff happened, and we don't talk to this day but, yeah, that's what happened

    • so how can i know that a guy wants to talk to me other then verbally?

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    • Xfd don't tell her to man up and actually initiate something, she'll just downvote you

    • Oh, of course, that's what the site is all about, "agreeing with the qa". I go against her, she downvotes me