Someone help me understand women please?

I keep being ignored, even by women who seem to really like me. This one women I met, we had an amazing date, went for about 3 hours for a light meal, she was doing some serious hardcore flirting with me haha. At the end of the date we exchanged numbers, agreed to meet up again cause we had a great time. So then i ask her out next w/e and she says she's busy with friends. I'm like ok, next time i try she says she's busy with study and night shift work and can't meet up for a few weeks. So im getting odd feelings at this point, esp. as she's never contacted me 1st, though is always super friendly. I get back again in a month and yep you guessed it she says sorry im busy for the next few months because of my masters ands says im really nice and wishes me all the best. WTF just tell me straight up if u don't like me? U can't make 1 or 2 hours for me in a few months! BS! in my opinion this is worse than saying i dont like u because ur ugly. If she said that i would have appreciated her honesty and be happy i can move on.

Another girl asked me out first, we had lunch it was good. I texted her a few days later and no response.

What gives guys and girls? Am I just not good enough looking so they find someone else or am I horribly unlucky?

I've had a lot of shit in the past with depression and social anxiety, lived nearly 27 years without a girlfriend. I'm losing my shit here, don't know if i can handle being single much longer, its making me really depressed again. I have an otherwise decent life, lots of hobbies, fit and active, friendly, helpful etc.

Sorry for the really long question! Please help!


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  • I got the same thing from a guy who is studying to be a doctor. maybe they really don't have time to spare.

    • Yeah I mean I can understand her being busy with work, but she has been on the dating site where I met her fairly often and has still gone out with friends so she can't be so busy that she can't put aside an hour or 2 to see me

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  • Lots of girls don't text back because they're afraid of making you feel bad. Tell her up front that you want someone who won't ignore you, and someone who's not afraid to say something that's got to be said even it it hurts your feelings. When you go on a date with her, when there is silence (or if there is) if she thinks you're attractive. Make her feel bad for you, and then when y'all spend more time with each other. Maybe, just maybe you'll have the love of your life. But, no men, can understand women completely.

    • And yet they still text back? Why do that at all? Telling them I don't want to be ignored early in the dating phase would surely just turn them off me wouldn't it?

    • Sometimes yes, It will turn them off, but that means you didn't find 'the one' for you. If that person was 'the one' then she wouldn't care if you did ask her.

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