Should I invite her to hang out?

We've known eachother for a few months now, but we never really talked until yesterday when I decided to go for her. I scored some points and she seems to enjoy being around me and always laughs at my stupid jokes. Normally I hang out with a bunch of my friends in a classroom (I know that's odd) before school everyday and she's never there, but today she showed up and we hung out. I'm thinking about inviting her to a school game tonight, but I don't know if I'm moving too fast or something. Should I ask?


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  • Invite her before its too late and you regret it!

  • Do it. What's the worst that can happen?

    • Well one of my friends told me that she has a boyfriend, but the whole story sounds like a complete lie. This "boyfriend" is invisible or something. There are absolutely no indications that she is taken on social media, and it specifically says that she's single on facebook (I did some investigating)

    • Plus she NEVER mentions him.

    • Some people don't put their relationship status on social media but it shouldn't matter cause you are going to a school event. It's not like its a date or anything like that.

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