Is it correct if I date his brother?

So I was with a guy who actually was just using me for kissing. We were never a couple, just friends who kissed. The brother of this guy likes me and I like him too. Is it ok if I date his brother?


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  • I actually just had this exact situation happen to me. My brother wanted a casual make out with this girl, but he didn't get it. A couple days later, her and I got to talking at a social event with her, and we had a really got time. She asked me to dance. There was chemistry. But I love my brother so I made it clear it wouldn't be okay. My brother would be pissed. So to answer your question, it all depends how pissed the brother would be. My brother would never get over it. Maybe his will though.


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  • I briefly dated a guy before dating his older brother for 2 years. I'm not going to lie he really didn't like it at all. Like the whole first year we were together he was mad about it but then he got a girlfriend and was less mad. When we finally broke up though he didn't hold it against me I think he was just glad it was over.

    • Thanks for your opinion :)

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