Do you think it's a good idea for a guy to go to a matchmaking service just to get some experience with girls?

I'm definitely not the most social guy in the world, and I have a hard time meeting and connecting with girls. I'm fine one-one-one, but I'm terrible at picking up and don't enjoy the bar scene. Part of why I don't like going out is that I'm not into bar/party culture at all. I was fat most of my time growing up, but I became dedicated to fitness in high school as a way to build my self confidence and shed the image of the 'beta' fat guy. I wanted to be fit and lean and have a successful social life, but the last part of that has remained tough for me. I've been in college three years and haven't had a date. I've only 'hung out' with two girls, and neither of those led to anything real.

Part of my problem in breaking through with girls is that I don't have experience, but how can I get experience if I can't break through with girls? Because of this, I'm thinking of using a matchmaking service to pair me with a girl. I went to one in my town recently, and the lady who runs it said that she wouldn't have trouble matching me up because they have a shortage of fit men in their system (a lot of the guys who go that route are older or fat).

My question is, should I do this at least once to get experience? It costs money, so it's not like it's free. Part of me feels lame doing this because most guys just meet girls naturally, something I suck at. I don't want to graduate college never having had a date.



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  • It can't be worse. Give it a try