I hear all the time how women prefer confident men, so I tried the confident approach and it went badly wrong?

I got to know a lady in a local store over several weeks, Whenever I went in there we had a really good chat, she told me all about herself and was interested when I told her about myself, so one evening when it wasn t too busy decided to ask her for her number, it appeared she didn t seem too keen, so I didn t push it made my excuses and left, a few days later I was in the store getting some groceries in another part of the store and she walked past me, I very briefly said to her sorry if I embarrassed you the other day, and she said I hadn t and it was ok, anyway that was all and I went home, the next day I was at home and the doorbell went and it was the police, they said they had a call about someone bothering this woman, apparently the stores security had got my number plate number, when I explained to the police they were kind of sorry for bothering me, but this situation has greatly affected my confidence in approaching any women as it appeared me and her were getting on great.


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  • Huh? Soemone told the police you were 'bothering her'? Seems kinda weird! Asking for somebody's number is fine- and it's sounds like you were very polite when she said no.
    I would like to think this just one, bad, isolated experience. Maybe it's workplace policy- who knows?
    This situation turned out badly through no fault of your own, you were perfectly reasonable and civil. Not all situations would turn out like this!
    Please don't let this get you down as the fault is not with you!

    • Thanks for your kind words

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    • No, that was totally unreasonable, don't let it put you off!
      I imagine this is a one time thing which doesn't happen often... I think you were just unlucky...

    • Thanks for taking the time to reply to me

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  • Women are so overtly sensitive to this type of shit today. I would understand if you stalked her down the street or something, but come on you feminazi misandrists.


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  • That is a horrible situation to be in man. You have my sympathy.

    I can completely understand how you would be turned off from approaching woman. But I have to admit that she is probably the bad apple of the bunch. Luckily you got easily.

    One thing to consider, or I didn't hear this part, is it possible that she didn't call the police or she was pushed into it?

    • I don't reckon she called the police, it was probably the store security, but she didn't have nothing to tell them, I was respectful of her the whole time, and she enjoyed talking, all I did was show a bit of interest and asked quietly for her number, all she had to say was thanks but no thanks, I did no more than what any guy does and like a girl, that would what supposed to make the world go round and is completely natural, just some girls rather than be nice about it set out to make guys suffer for showing interest in them, as a guy I could never be like that to a girl who showed interest who I didn't like. I would still be nice to her.

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    • I don't think a lot of women really give men much of a chance if you show a bit of nervousness which is quite likely at the start you've probably blown it, but a few minutes into a conversation they would probably see a lot more confidence, I've always thought that since my bad experience if my face had fit and she was attracted to me, I probably could of got away with the dumbest conversation and even grabbed hold of her, but since it didn't I got the police called on me

    • There are lots of reasons why the run away from me. But I will leave that for messaging. :)

      Sorry again the police got called on you for just being yourself.

  • Don't waste your time on American women,

    • I'm in the UK, she was English

    • Well what I mean is Western women or women in 1st world countries.

      They want confident men the same way they like men who are "funny." Their definition of confidence is typically nonexistent and it's often an excuse for them to make some asshole sound better than he is... because he's toooooooootally not a jerk, he's just "CONFIDENT"!

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