What activities should a guy/girl pursue for you to find them "interesting" and "worth dating"? What intimidates you?


I find this take to be intimidating and I wonder what you guys and girls expect a potential partner to be good at or typically do on a semi-regular basis so that you won't find them boring as a person.


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  • I expect them to have ambition in life, intelligence, being fun and funny. I like when they're artistic and creative.
    The thing that intimidates me though is if they're more intelligent or more creative than me and it is obvious.

    • How do you define intelligence? I had a question on that, but everyone was giving different answers.

    • I define intelligence on the way they speak, act and/or think.
      If s/he and I can debate about very serious things or very silly things with a good argument, they're intelligent.
      If they can get a lot of good grades in high school and show me they know what they're talking about, they're intelligent.
      Especially if they're open minded and/or non judgmental.
      I find that to be intelligence.

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  • You should do things that interest you, not what others find interesting. There will always be someone who finds you uninteresting/interesting regardless of what you do.
    Live your life!


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  • It's less about being naturally good at those things, but more about the willingsness to try out and learn new things.

    • Oh, and if you worry about spending too much money on something you might only do once and never again... There are shops where you can rent most of the things needed to do those activities.

  • i think it totally depends on your interests...
    & i dont really look at what a guy is good at, but whether he has a personality which matches with what i'm looking for or not...
    & besides these so called skills can be learnt as time goes on... like if i like hiking, i can try to make him like it too... so i dont think skills are that important

    • But doesn't his personality also include his skills and talents and past experience?

    • no... xD
      to me personality traits are like 'funny, loyal, can be serious when needs to be' and stuff like that.
      but i wouldn't put skills under his personality but more like 'skills' part xD

  • I'd find most of those stuff boring. The author is obviously leading a very active life. The only thing she didn't suggest was a date in the swimming pool...


What Guys Said 3

  • The only women I find 'boring', are those who just can't keep a conversation going, or talk about irrelevant stuff. Apart from that, I wouldn't require them to be pursuing any specific activities.

  • If she doesn't wrestle bears for a living, instant dealbreaker.

  • Pros
    -strong passions
    - high achiever
    - physical activities
    - see the needs of others before hers
    - open minded
    - free spirited
    - educated

    - she has too many option, too many guys chasing her
    - she's naturally flirty
    - desires in life overpower her lover
    - religious, she will put religion before her love