Is calling two times in a row clingy?

So i was talking on the phone to this guy, convincing him to do something but then i couldnt and we laughed about it. Right after we closed he texted me that im so easy over the phone. So instead of replying back i called him and got a little tuff in a cute way and still joked about it but I convinced about that thing. And i text him afterwards and never get a reply back!


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  • Yeah, you sound totally under his thumb.

    Is he super good looking? Are you pretty average? Why him and not me?

    • Its actually the other side around. He was begging me to call the first and i was jokingly disagreeing like teasing him then this happened.

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    • It was a party at our friend's house not a date. Anyway he ended up not going and called me back like an hour ago :)💃

    • Awwww... :) All those girls at the party and he want to spend time with you the most. You got this!

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  • If you're asking then yeah probably.

    • Where did i go wrong?

    • Well you should t have to convince him to do something. If you suggest something and he can't then ideally he would suggest something else or be like next time or something. So you were right not to give him a hard time over it but don't keep escalating things by calling hi. Back and being mushy. He wants space give it to him. Relationships should be both people putting in equal effort.

    • Yea but we were joking and it was something stupid not that serious and then he teased me when he said im easy because i gave up so fast

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  • did he read your text? he could just be busy

    • He didn't. He mentioned that he has stuff to do but i texted him right after we closed. Just like he did the first time

    • then he's probs just busy. stop overthinking girl

    • Haha oh okay