Does he know that I love him?

He says i love you a lot and i never say it back except like when i think it's okay because supposedly we are just friends but he would spontaneously say i love you without any reason and like 20 times a day! Its like a lot of flirting too and he never gets something in return That is so obvious but i like him so i might as well show it sometimes.
Every once in a while he goes like: "i know everything" so i go like "what is everything that you know about?" And he just says "stuff, just everything" does he mean thats it's obvious that i like him?


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  • Probably not. It seems you have difficulty expressing your feelings.

    I'd say this guy is delusionally optimistic. I'd say he can't know. You don't know, so how can he?

    • But i can feel that he does sometimes so im sure he feels the way, or it doesn't work that way?

    • It either does or it doesn't.

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