Guys, what does this mean? "I dont want it to go too far?

recently started having some fun with a guy, been a few weeks all was going well and then i said in conversation once that i dont sleep with people that are sleeping with other people he said the same and everything was fine. then one nigt he was off with me and messaging him he was off with me, we do work together as well and he's over here travelling for the next couple of years. i asked him if he wanted to have fun anymore and he said he doesn't know what to do cos i dont want it to go too far. after talking he doesn't wanna sleep with other people or it wasn't boring he said it was too hard to explain.
so what would you mean by the statement i dont want it to go to far, considering we both knew it was just some fun?


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  • He doesn't want a relationship. He just wants sex

    • just sex with me? as we are not gonna have sex anymore. he just wants to be good friends for now

    • He doesn't want to have sex with just one woman. He wants to be able to have sex with any woman

  • He didn't want to date you, he wanted to sleep with you.


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