Is my crush going to think I'm pathetic and desperate because I don't have any friends?

I feel silly for asking this, but I just feel so down at the moment... There's this guy at my college that I went up to and introduced myself to.. I could tell we were both attracted to each other.

After talking with a bit, and seeing him around campus, he has a lot of friends and he participates in things on campus and is even forming a band. I think it's awesome. ... It's just.. I'm a huge loner. My idea of fun is one on one things, or solitude. I hate big groups. I have no friends here.. Only one best friend from my home town. And here I went up and introduced myself to him... I have no friends yet I would love to have a boyfriend. I'm viewing myself so negatively even when prior to talking to him I was very confident about myself. I stick to myself and to school, my future, and art. I love reading and writing and listening to music and doing a lot of introvert things... I just never found it necessary to have friends. And I feel odd because I know he has many friends and he actually goes out and does things... I just think he's going to think I'm lame & boring. I feel like on the outside I come across as being really cool and attractive, but really I'm not. I feel like he's going to think I'm such a loser.


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  • You're not a loser and reading your description of yourself I thought I was reading about me. It'll take a lot of compromise for both. He has to give you one on one time and you'll have to be more social on occasion

  • You're only pathetic if you believe that you're pathetic

    • So, if I believe I'm god, then I'm god?

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    • I don't care about people who don't care about religious people. I was just saying, don't insult people who are

    • @Dave20153 lol what insult I just thought you weren't from America I'll insult you right now you fucking pathetic pussy why don't you go take a shower and clean the sand from you f*cking vagina

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