I have no dating life... please help?

I have been single for a very long time and in fact have never had a proper relationship the most I had was a fling about 4 years ago and it only lasted a couple of months. Over the years I've put on weight and I'm not really feeling sexy anymore and just suffered from an eating disorder and my confidence just dropped but now I'm working on myself and getting myself back on track slowly but surely. All my friends have had at least 3-5 relationships and I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I don't whether it's my weight intimidating the men away in my life or I'm just not meant to be in a relationship

please help?


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  • The fact that your friends had 3-5 relationships just shows that their relationships were not stable whatsoever and aren't making any concrete quantifiable progress either.

    Anyways, there is an upper threshold for what people just don't find attractive in terms of weight, but women tend to think that threshold is a way lower bar than it actually is. All you need is confidence.

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  • Omg you have no idea how stressful relationships are I'm wishing I was single tbh. But anyway, continue to work on yourself and better yourself. You don't need a man to boost your confidence you should feel beautiful and sexy without having a man telling you that stuff.

  • Fling or no fling, you still were with someone for a couple months. It still counts. Don't compare yourself to everyone else. Would you really want their lives? When I ask myself this question, I often feel better about myself. We get laser focused on one aspect of someone else and this makes us feel jealous. But don't do this. If you aren't confident and feel shy a lot, guys and girls notice this. It's not necessarily a turn off though. If you want to find love, you will eventually. Don't sit around and wait for it to happen. That's just impatient and the world takes time to make things happen. You're in a learning phase right now. You haven't had a steady boyfriend yet because you have some things you need to do first. Just trust and keep moving forward. The right person will come along.

    • Thank you so much I will definitely take this on board

    • You are welcome ☺️

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