Do guys who take things slow tend to be the ones afraid of rejection?

If you were liked by a girl who was more assertive then you, and you wanted to take it slow does that mean your afraid to be rejected? Are yous being distant because you've never experienced a real relationship?

what could the girl do to help you overcome this fear?


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  • Sort of yes. If they are even your boyfriend though, that is a real good first start. At the same time, lots of boys are just clueless.

    • Oh about overcoming fear... My first girlfriend and I were in here basement. We were playing ping pong and we took a break. We each ate an orange. I wanted to kiss her cheek to thank her and the next thing I know is this girl's tongue is in my mouth. She later says "It's about time, [my name]". I was totally clueless and, not shy, but not aggressive either due to insecurity. God bless Jewish girls.

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