Girl suddently stops texting me joyful texts, what happened?

So I have been talking to this girl for a little while, she gave me a nickname i gave her a nickname. She asked about my snapchat always a little flirty, being a little flirty back aswell. Then a day she starts texting me hearts, me thinking she's into me and other way around starts texting hearts back. Then we were talking for some time and texting, but then one day i dont see the messages comming in anymore and when i text her via snapchat for example i dont get these joyful pictures of her anymore, i just got a black screen with short answers and no hearts. I was shocked and wait some time and text her again same thing. So i wait about a day and i see on facebook a heart she's posted on her timeline. What happened? Did she find someone else just like that. Playing hard to get maybe. Did we lose track? Does anyone know?


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  • Maybe it's gotten old and ya gotta mix it up?