Is he ignoring me?

Short story is that I've been dating this guy for almost a month.

Actually, I gave him a second chance because I thought why not? So, basically I met this guy from OkCupid - the online dating site - a month ago (I know it sounds silly but whatever). We texted for two weeks and agreed to grab a coffee but then suddenly he stoped texting me. I tried to text him a day before we supposed to meet asking whether we're still stick to the plan or not but he didn't reply my message. I still went to the place we supposed to meet, which is fine because it's not that far from where I live. However, he didn't show up nor texted me that he couldnt make it; I was pissed. I didn't even ask him why he didn't show up because it's useless. Since then I tried to move on.

Then, two weeks later after he stopped texting me, he started to text me back asking "How've you been?" and I responded his message shortly without asking him back. He kept texting me saying sorry that he bailed on me because he has exams coming up (that's his excuse, which I didn't fully believe) and promise will make it up to me. He seemed serious about what he said and it's true. He asked me out again and he did show up. That was our first date and both of us agreed to arange a second date. Second date went very well; he kissed me and asked me to not seeing other people and vice versa (kind of an exclusive relationship) and I said yes.

However, I found that for the past five days it took an hour for him to respond my texts. I've no idea what's going on. I tried to ask him if he's busy or not, but he always says he's not busy; he thought he responded my text (does it make sense?) but surprisingly he was active on Facebook Messenger and yet hasn't replied my text, which drive me crazy. I dont know what to do. And this morning I asked him whether we are still going to see each other tomorrow (Saturday) or not and yet he still hasn't replied my text.

What does it mean?
What should I do?
Your thoughts, folks?

Many thanks!


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  • He is swimming in the ocean of women...
    you are just making a fool of yourself with this guy... who is obviously a player,,,
    use some common sense and leave this douchebag,,,,,

    • You're right and I'm aware of what I am doing by giving him a second chance. Actually from the beginning I kinda know what's gonna happen at the end that he's just gonna do the same thing he did to me, which is what i'm facing right now. So, yeah. Anyway, thanks!

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  • While you can't expect him to reply instantly to every text you send, you should let him know that if you are trying to arrange or confirm a catch up then he needs to reply as soon as he reads it. Tell him you like to plan your weekends in advance and if he can't be bothered replying then you will make plans with other people who do reply.

  • he's probably ignoring you and you should try to talk to him and tell him how u feel

    • I tried to talk to him and told him how I feel. However, all he said is I was just being silly of assuming him ignoring me. He told me that he wasn't ignoring me but today he didn't send e any message

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    • Is it normal for he hasn't texted me in two day? I mean literally two days. I haven't texted him today nor yesterday.

    • no I don't think that's normal