Did he drop me?

I'm in my first year of college. I met this guy at a club meeting and he was so attractive. He was really flirty, & we both went to a darty (day party). The entire time he kept staring at me and asked for my number. We texted for the rest of the day and ended up going to coffee that night, which turned into me sleeping over (but we only made it to third base due to my period). A few days later, he was flirty in person again & ended up sleeping over (still only up to third base bc of period). We snapchatted for the rest of the week & texted a few times. He told me he was "so glad to have found a beautiful, politically conservative (we met at a college republicans meeting) girl" and that he really wanted to see me again. In addition, he told my friend that he "really liked me". A week later, I asked him to coffee; we ended up going to lunch with his friend (who had met me when I slept over). His friends say hi to me/know who I am & that we've slept over at each others' places, so it's not like he's trying to hide me. Another week passed, and last Friday I snapchatted him- he never responded (out of character for him). I didn't try over the weekend, and he didn't contact me. I texted him on Tuesday. At first the conversation was awkward, but then it was normal. My friend asked him how we're doing & he said I'm "really nice & that we'll have a good friendship" then promptly told her he had to go (he and I agreed not to tell her about the sleepovers & kissing/etc). I felt friendzoned, but it also could've been that he was trying to repsect my privacy & not tell her about what we agreed not to tell her. This week, he hasn't contacted me. I have a close guy friend who's so close that people often ask us if we are dating. I have no interest in him. Did my guy friend scare him off? How can I fix it? Why would he show interest & then back off? It's not sex-related; I made it clear that the only reason we couldn't was bc I had my period. He even mentioned meeting up later.


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  • You can't do anything. It's just not there anymore

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