I hooked up with a guy and now it's awkward :((?

LONG BUT PLEASE READ! Ok I need peoples help/advice... so there's this guy I go to school with and we knew of eachother cause we have the same friends but we never spoke but he did stare at me a lot in my class with him but then again he kinda stares at everyone, I did hear that he wanted to have sex with my best friend and thought she was hot and he was always rude to her and there was major beef between them like our friendship groups but it's died down now and anyway so on the school holidays just gone there was a party and like heaps of people from my school went including me and him and me and my friends thought he hated us because of how he treats my friends not necessarily me like I wasn't involved anyway I got super drunk and he hooked up with like two other girls at the party and then I was off my face and I went to him and asked him to kiss me and he rejected me saying "it will be awkward at school" which didn't make sense because he's hooked up with other girls that we go to school with and he seemed really nervous when I asked him and then I went and told these other guys he rejected me and they were all like "as if he rejected kissing u you're fucking hot" and anyway I went back up to him and I said "fuck you" and then he said "fuck you" back to me kinda laughingly and he kept staring at me across the party room so I went back up to him and then I can't really remember but then we did started hooking up in front of everyone on the dance floor then he pulled away and was like "not here" and he grabbed my hand so we were holding hands and he took me alone to another part of the building and he sat down on the chairs and he was really like embarrassed (it's all kind of a blur) and then I just remember we started hooking up and he pulled away and looked super embarrassed and I was like what's wrong and I can't remember what he said but then I remember falling onto him and he started kissing my hair and I moved my face so he got my mouth again and he put his

put his hand on my lower back ( I was on top of him while he was in the chair) and then I can't remember and then I remember saying I felt sick and he helped me up and put his arm around my shoulder and went and got me water, and now we are back at school and we have not said a word to Each other but my friends keep saying he stares at me and I know it's bad but I've sort of now got a crush on him :(( and I don't know how to handle the situation... I'm friends with all his friends an
they keep having smirks on their faces when me and the guy I kissed walk passed Each other and they are all being a lot more friendly to me as well ever since this happened... Also another question how come he kissed other girls at the party in front of everyone but when it came to me he didn't want to in front of everyone and he took me away into another part of the building?


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  • Do you know what a sentence is?

    • I know I'm sorry but please read all of it!

    • Without sentences or paragraphs it is just rambling. The reason they exist is to make it easier to read and comprehend what is being communicated. I'm not going to give myself a headache to try to understand what is going on.

    • You may find that because of the lack of sentence structure that most people will not bother. I doubt you will get anyone to comment with anything helpful.

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