What is a good way to deal with your girlfriend if you and her are making eachother upset?

So i am super curious and want advise on how to act more understanding and not say impulsive things to my girlfriend. Its just I can tell when we start getting eachother upset and I am of myself saying something impulsively because she might aay something to make me mad, something i dont want to hear, or upset, sad. I have been working on not saying the first thing to come out of my mouth. Some times i slip up though. Then i regret it later because instead of fixing the issue i caused. I make it worse it seems because i couldnt just listen then make it better. Ugh i just want to make her happy. I love her very much. Thats why i am here anyone please advise from guys and girls please. I would really like to hear both sides.


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  • Just be careful with what you say.


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