I hardly know thus guy, literally can't stop thinking about him?

So short story this guy who's from another country came into our group at med school. And I instantly found him attractive.(most of the girls probably did)
During biochemistry, we had to pick a partner and prepare an essay on something.
So I talked to him about it and ever since them I literally can't stop thinking about him
It's never happened to me like this.
I have these butterflies and even last night (had a bad sleep) whenever I woke up, he would appear in my mind. Like WTF STOP lol
I seriously need to focus on other things like studying for this exam I have next week
And I am also afraid that we'll have trouble with the project because he doesn't speak my language well or that maybe he won't care, but I think I am over thinking too much (I am pretty insecure about myself at the moment)

So how do I tone down this infatuation? I don't have a chance anyways and I'd rather focus on what's more important at the moment

Please no making fun of me , I know it sounds stupid. Didn't think at 19 this could happen lol


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  • This is what got me through an intense crush in high school... there was this awesome guy I never ever stopped thinking about. I would always fantasize about talking to him and hanging out with him, and it was beginning to get frustrating.

    So... every time I found myself fantasizing about him, I made the fantasy gross. I'd make him smell like poo or garbage. I'd make him eat something I found revolting and then try and kiss me. I would make him wipe boogers on the window. Eventually, it became impossible for me to fantasize about him without making him seem gross, and while he still gave me butterflies in class, I was able to focus on other things when he wasn't nearby because I no longer enjoyed the fantasies.

    It's a weird trick and it might not work for everyone, but I have a powerful imagination and it works for me d:

    • Ew haha I laughed too hard at this. It might work though, thank you :)