Do you ever feel like you are attracted to folks who are not attracted to you? or the other way around?

I'm currently watching that Scooby Doo movie that came out in 2002. yea I know is a lame movie but there is nothing better to watch right now. plus I really enjoyed watching this movie back in my freshmen year in high school, so revisiting things you onced enjoy isn't so bad, right?

anyways this movie pretty much has inspired me to ask this question. you see throughout life i have always been attracted to women like Velma. you know smarty, nerdy and geeky women. but for some reason it seems like in the real worldi either appear invisible to these type of women or i get the sense that these women find me repulsing one way or another.

now women like Daphne in the other hand. the superficial, dramatic and bitchy women are the ones that turn me off the most. yet for some reason these are the only type of women i attract. when i come across these ones i feel like i'm the only thing they see in their site. the majority of them have even been brave enough to get flirty and provocative with me. but of course words can't describe repulsed i am towards these type of women.

but anyways i just want to kinda know why does life gotta be such a bitch like this. but most importantly i want to know if you have this stigma yourself and how exactly do you deal with it? or better yet how do you fight and conquer it?


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  • Story of my life when I was single


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