Why do people hate on steroids so much?

Do you realize there are almost no negative consequences known if you take it under a doctors care at reasonable dosages. Do you realize most hot guys you see on tv or any fitness models take it. I'm not doing it now but in two years once I got my career established and my testerone starts to go down. I forsure am taking it. Not everyone that takes steroids look freakish. Most look very healthy and muscular with low body fat.

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  • I'm natty but have several juicer friends. The thing is people (other than lifters) do NOT understand steroids AT ALL. No one has died from them, and they are safer than what people make them seem, at low doses. But people refuse to listen.

    The interesting thing is so many girls want guys with Jeff Seid-Steve Cook abs. But don't realize that it's the steroids they are indoctrinated to resent that allow for that level of detail in abs lol.

    • The other thing is people have no idea how many of the professional athletes, actors, fitness models run this stuff. It's pervasive at that level.

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    • same here. His physique is crazy and at such a young age, going pro and all. No way, I know he has genetics and all but no wayyy in my opinion.

    • But hey let him do him.. aesthetic as fck. can probably has any girl he wants. mirin

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  • Athletes have died from steroids. A baseball player named Ken Caminiti was the MVP in 1996, so he was in the best shape anyone could be in. He was dead eight years later at age 41 because of steroids. That's not a regular guy who died, it's a guy who was in great shape and one of the best at the sport who died at such a young age. I only watch baseball and basketball so I don't know much about football, but I know football players have died from steroids too.

  • They hate the extremely damaging consequences of taking steroids. Work for you muscles, instead of getting them from a needle.


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  • Because you're lying, you're basically cheating to get that body. People can do whatever they want with their body, I don't care, but I just think it's stupid to be proud of having a body that you didn't work for, you just paid for it.
    It's like a person who has gone through lots of plastic surgery and then takes pride on being beautiful/handsome.

    • You still have to put work in even taking steroids. If you don't lift, then don't post your opinion.

    • @Joshua2332 I know you still gotta put on work, but you're still lying xD You don't have that body due to how much you've lifted, but due to the steroids.
      Say whatever you want, buddy, but you're still cheating.

    • I agree in point @Joshua2332
      You say you paid for that body and it's cheating but
      Lifting the heaviest you can lift, Is just as hard for someone on juice as opposed to not on juice...
      Sitting on a bike doing cardio for 60 minutes heart rate in the 140's is just as hard for someone on juice as opposed to not on juice...

      Your argument should be about the performance enhancing aspects, but the hard work/diet is definitely there, it's not a magical liquid

  • You're right. Steroids have minimal consequences on a user assuming they use in moderation. Before anyone down votes me remember. Moderation and I actually weight lift as well.

    Most hot guys on TV don't use it. They get their body fat to an extreme low level so they look peeled. Long story short, they don't look like that year round. It's possible to look attractive without using steroids. Actually, you look more attractive without using steroidssteroids.

    I hate people who use steroids and claim natural in order to sell their supplement line.

    Long story short, quit being a phaggot, eat and kill yourself in the gym to look hot. I did it, so can you

    • I've been training for four years lol. I've built a physique.. doesn't go anywhere. I'm done j can't grow anymore

  • I am on TRT, smartest thing I ever did

    • And most people are un-aware how beneficial anavar has been in prolonging the quality of life for aids patients for example.
      @ConsultantIsBack , you're aware of all this too

    • Did you get it through a doctor?

    • Yeah, had some personal grief issues, And was completely run down, with test levels below avg. Instead of prescription drugs ie valium/prozac.
      I chose to fight my issues with exercise and keeping active, So I got pre-scribed test and hgc. Never looked back, and will stay on both for life.
      Completely gave me my spark back @Joshua2332

  • Insecurity, jealousy, self hate, depression etc.
    there's so many reasons hell... you can always hear an overweight guy calling a guy he doesn't know an asshole there's so many reasons but that's one of the main ones and the other reasons is because it can really damage your body internally I don't really know about steroids but I'm too lazy to research

  • I don't have enough knowledge to make an argument on roids bro.

    I could go on all day about weed though man :')

  • That shit is really bad for your heart and makes you cranky.

  • It's not that steroids don't have healing purposes, but they do allow athletes to gain an unfair advantage, which is why MLB does random tests and why certain pitchers, etc. have been banned lifetime. Besides, they shrink your gonads down to nothing, and can add a ridiculous amount of bulk to your muscles which to me is majorly ugly.

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