Is this a good sign that the guy is interested?

So there is this guy I have a crush on. I didn't realize I had him on facebook until a notification popped up saying it was his b-day. He has talked to me once in class. That day we had a pretty good convo. Okay so anyways... I messaged him saying happy b-day and for him to have a great day and he said thank you and "have a wonderful day" then I was like you're welcome and thank you then he continued the conversation! Which I did not expect to happen. He started talking about the class we are in. We ended up having another conversation. Is this a good sign that he's interested? If so , should I approach him in class next time, make the next move? (He sits far from where I sit)


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  • Yeah he is intrested. Go sit beside him during class or go approach him and talk with him, engage with him. You'll get'em.


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  • Of course you should try be friends with him etc. Although believing that someone's interested in you solely because they carried on the conversation is a bit - eh. You never know though.

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