Do girls like guys who like them? How should I approach her?

I have this batchmate I've been crushing on since 1 month. We had some eye contact earlier (a lot- mostly staring at each other direct into the eyes but none of us exchanged smiles
) some days later I noticed she used try to make physical contact while walking past by me (brushing). Then she tried to make eye contact in lectures but I ignored it on purpose (Im very shy). Now, some couple of days ago I told my batchmates that I like her and Im quite sure that she knows about it. Even today we do stare at each other but none of makes a move So, here's the million dollar question, what do girls think about guys who like them? And how the fuck should I approach her? Consider the fact that we never had any kind of convo earlier.

I have thought about to directly tell her how much I like her and ask her out but my friends are telling me not to it.
Wtf should I do?

Even the fact that I'm not making a move is frustrating me. Being shy sucks.


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  • Aw this is so cute. Ok so I have no idea what a batchmate is but anyway, try to complement her on something. If she ever wears a shirt with a tv show on it or something or a band or song, approach her about that. Thats how I met my boyfriend, I noticed he was wearing a shirt with a band that I knew and I pulled him aside and asked if he liked the band. If she's wearing a shirt with a tv show on it say something like "Oh did you catch the last episode?" or "What did you think about the season premier," or "Oh my gosh what was your reaction when they killed off this character," or if its a band ask them what their favorite song is or who their favorite member is. GOOD LUCK!! :))))


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  • No don't spill your guts haha just go up to her flirt ask what's her name, compliment her eyes and say how gorgeous theyre and say you both should go out for some coffee I was shy as well and luckily I had a mentor. what he told me is that "practice makes perfect you just have to lose that nasty habit and just don't give a fuck" mi amigo

    • Lemme tell u another fact. There's lot of awkwardness built up between us coz we know each other for more than a month now and haven't talked yet. Even whenever we need to talk about studies we get help of other people to talk lol (for example like some days ago one of the teacher's gave us an assignment as homework which was handed over to her to distribute. I was sitting 3 benches back and she asked my friend who was standing in between whether I got the assignment or not. And on top of that she was already facing towards me but didn't ask me directly. And same things I've done toh her lol)
      So how should I start now?

    • I don't know I need to observe her behavior personally to tell you for sure but It could be a 50/50 that she likes you from what you told me and she is very shy, hell I've delt with shy girls before and you can easily make them melt in your hand if they do like you

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  • Go sit beside her during the lecture and conversate with her a little during the lecture. Or after the lecture just walk up to her and be like "what did you think about the lecture?" Then from there just walk with her and conversate. Ask her what else is she taking, what's her ethnicity etc. list goes on. It should flow

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