Guess I'll never have a girlfriend?

At least, not in high school, I mean, what can I do? The girl I do like, she'll never like me, she's popular, beautiful, confident, we're opposites and I have no chance. The girl I used to like? Didn't have a chance then and not now. This one really pretty girl? I already made an ass of myself trying to introduce myself, and she's a freshman, not to mention, she's attractive, will probably become popular, and, if a senior asking out a freshman isn't pathetic enough, getting rejected by one will be insulting. Guess I'll just be fucking single, never get to experience that young love bullshit. Since my confidence is so shot, I probably will be alone until I'm 30. God, I hate my fucking life. Hell, I'm hated everywhere any fucking way, hell, I have to be anon for every post or else I get insulted.


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  • Your not alone I never had a boyfriend and I didn't understand why in till I realized there are so many stars in the sky but only one star can make me happy

    • And if you think you'll never have a girlfriend. Than I guess I'll never have a boyfriend. Forever alone

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    • It seems overly optimistic

    • Oh um hum

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