Girls, gone quiet on a girl I'm texting/dating... can I have your opinion?

So I've been speaking to this girl at home for 6 weeks now, just before I returned uni. After chatting on FB then getting her number I managed to get a date (my first ever!) We've been texting on and off since but things are starting to die down... it's been radio silent for more than a week now. After texting her for a few days, I decided to ring her and ask if she wanted to go on a date, which she did (yay!) and we had a good time, spent to day at the seaside. Since then however... I don't really know where I stand with her.

At the end of the date I think I slipped up a bit by asking her to go out again too soon... which she said she couldn't cos she had other plans, as I've said since the date we've been texting on and off, I tried calling her a couple times which she conveniently had excuses as to why she couldn't speak (I think she was lying) and she didn't reply to text... so within a week of our date I thought it was over.

Suddenly she pops up and apologies for not replying and we start chatting again, at this point I'm back at uni so I haven't had the chance to see her since. A few weeks later of on and off texting (she would even initiate sometimes) I propose another date, which she agrees to! We go quiet again for a few days, then I tell her I'm gonna be home that weekend so I can see her. Another excuse... she says she can't do this month because she has a lot coming up and doesn't have enough money... I was understanding about it, said it wasn't a problem and we'd do some other time. The only consolation is she says we'll "deffo do it" still.

Since then we haven't spoke for more than a week... I feel like I've been too pushy and she's not all that interested in me anymore. It doesn't help when I see her flirting with another guy on FB. I'm planning on texting her next week, for now I'm not sure if the silent treatment is a good idea... but I like her and don't wanna feel like I'm bugging her. Has she gone off me, or am I reading too much into this? :(


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  • Just text her.

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