I kissed a guy infront of my crush?

Yesterday i was on a school party and my crush (he like me but he never dared to speak to me) was there. From the begging he didn't want to go to party because it wasn't his thing he said, but when he found out that i was going he changed his mind and came. Every since the begging he was "ignoring" me. At the party everyone was kissing and stuff but i didn't want to do any of that shit but there was this guy that was trying to kiss me all the time he and while he was trying to kiss me my crush saw it and from his angle it looked like the guy was actually kissing me. He saw it so i'm worried that he is hurt or if he may hate me from this. I really really like him and i don't know why i did that. I regrate it soo much and i'm very sorry and i would like to have my crush as my boyfriend but i'm worried he doesn't want me anymore. Should i add him on facebook now or should i wait and see how he is towards me on monday? What should i do when i see him on monday? i don't even have the guts to look at him in the eyes.

he speaks to me but it's the awkward convos you have with someone you like and your shy


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  • Tell him what happened and tell him you want him to kiss you

    • but we are not close. It's like w/o telling eachother anything i know he likes me and he knows i like him but now i don't know if he knows that i like him... how do i give him a signal that i like him and want him?

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    • do you think he is gonna accept if i send a friend request on facebook? is that a good way to start talking?

    • Tell him you didn't want to kiss that other guy and didn't even though it looked like it from his angle and you only want him to kiss you

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