Should I travel with my ex boyfriend together?

We chatted for a month with this guy on facebook because of a mutual friend and met just for two days because he transfer school. We become in a relationship together after we met, but We broke up with my ex last month because of the reason not showing me up. He said that his family won't allow him to have girlfriend while doing medical studies. He don't want to lie to his parents. I did not talk to him for how many days and whenever we do, we started to have a cold conversation. He said, its better if we will just stay us friends because he dont want me to worry too much and I dont fully trust him yet. Before, we had a plan meeting in a city near to his new place because we will be going to have field trip but suddenly it was posponed. And I told him about it and he said I hope we could meet again. After a month, he called me and ask if we could go out of town together in an island? I said why me , he said he is alone and he want to spend time with me. (Should i go with him guys or not?)(pls also add an advice below) thanks!


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  • That sounds like a terrible idea to me.

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