Do you think she likes me?

I'm getting to know this one girl at my school, and so far she has responded positively to my approaches. She laughs at all of my stupid jokes, she smiles all the time when we talk, and I catch her glancing at me from time to time. I'm second in command in JROTC at my school, and I offered to train her to tryout for a commanding position in our upcoming competition because she's new and I'm one of the most experienced people. She accepted, but we haven't made official plans yet. I normally hang out in the classroom in the mornings and after I started giving her hints that I'm interested she began showing up in the mornings as well. She treats me differently than the other guys in that she is very flirty and touchy with other guys, but she is much more serious and engaged with me. She also holds doors open for me (which is strange because normally I would be doing that). I know that it seems obvious that she likes me, but my friend is very close to her and had hinted that he was going after her before. He stopped though and I told him that I'm going to try. I don't know if he's stopping for me to try or what, but I expect him to uphold the bro code, plus he doesn't like her near as much as I do. She's very playful with him though and he's in the room in the mornings as well so I don't know if he's the reason why she started coming and it was just a coincidence that she started the day after I made my first move

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  • It seems as if she likes you and it seems like you like her a lot too of course. Maybe you should talk to your friend to know if he likes her aswell or what. But it really sounds like you've got a good chance

    • He's the type of friend that I talk to about girls all the time to, and he is definitely a formidable opponent if he is going for her as well. I don't know if I'm moving too fast because I rarely even paid attention to her until I started seeing her more and talking to her, so this week I began being very outgoing around her and we went from never talking to each other to talking a lot within a few days. I'm planning on asking her out on Monday, but I don't know if I'm moving too fast.

    • If u know that she likes u then I'm sure ur not moving too fast. Make sure this doesn't cause a feud between u and ur friend. If u hang out and talk to her more then he does then u most likely have a better chance then he does

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