Where to find people interested in long distant relationship?

Does anybody know of any good sites to start talking to people? Not like timber where you can find somebody to date and lives close to you, I don't want a relationship with a person that I can meet everyday.

I want a long distant relationship because they are a lot less time consuming (not in a bad way but in a "I need to keep my grades up and my first boyfriend/girlfriend will be my only focus/priority and distract me too much from school otherwise" way).

I want to become a doctor so my grades have to be straight A:s but I also want a to be together with someone soooo back to the question,

anybody know of any good sites/apps to get in contact with people far away?

Please this is a serious question and no being mean, if you have nothing good to come with, please spare my feelings 😐 Annnddddd... No creeps contacting me, looking for someone to sext with, I am looking for someone I can have a serious relationship with


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  • A relationship started long distance isn't a relationship.

    • Why? Can you explain a bit more? So I could try to understand why you would say such a thing?

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    • What is wrong with wanting to explore and now what it's like to be in a relationship?

    • Relationships started online won't give you that experience. But whatever.

  • Actually on Tinder you can set your distance pretty far and then just swipe right on the ones who don't live near to you. Other than that, I have no idea. :/