Guys, Should I stop trying with this guy?

So some background info: there's this guy i met at my dorm when we first moved in and i immediately found him attractive. We continued to see each other EVERYWHERE but never said anything. so finally one day I saw him sitting outside and decided to go up and talk to him. We ended up sitting on a bench talking for about 3 hours. I found everything about him interesting and attractive! I felt such a connection, we had so much in common, safe to say I'm crushing pretty hard. that was about 4 weeks ago now. We text and snapchat like every day but we still haven't hung out... even tough i ask him to. He says he's really busy with school and ROTC but I mean we live in the same dorm. So basically i'm always the one to ask to hang out and usually start the conversation. Is there anything i should do, or am I wasting my time?


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  • Is it the uniform? Anyway, I did ROTC as my commissioning source, and I was in an Engineering field. There is time to have a personal life. If he hasn't really hung out with you or at least go have a meal with you at a restaurant near your dorm, then it doesn't seem like he's that interested in you. He might ask you to a military function i. e. a ball or a Dining Out.