I feel like he doesn't like me enough?

I met his guy two years ago at a concert and we really didn't start seeing eahother till the middle of this summer. I kinda knew he had a crush on me for a while and he thought I was really pretty, etc. He's not the best looking gu my but he's really nice.

As I spent more time with him I realized I really liked him and had a lot of similar interests. But a couple times it seemed we were in a romantic setting and he's never taken the opportunity to say something nice about us or how he feels. I casual brought it up at once point and he felt the same and "didn't know why he didn't think of it but should've brought it up" that night or whatever. He pays a lot for me and texts me all the time, but I feel like he doesn't like me as much as he thought :(

Yesterday he took me into a conservation forest for the fall and we had a good time. He seemed kinda upset though that it was pretty busy and stuff, we took some pictures but he never asked to sit somewhere to talk and he didn't think about taking a picture together unless I asked. When he wanted to go back he kissed me at the end and asked if I had fun. He didn't hold hands with me the whole way and it almost seemed more like a friend thing than a girlfriend. He always seems happy to be with me so I don't know but it's been almost 3 months now. Do you think somethings wrong?


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  • So he talks with you and hangs out with you a lot, and he kissed you. Considering that you're not even official, that's a lot.
    If you want to take things further, why don't you just ask him yourself? Or initiate kisses and such? He's probably thinking YOU'RE the disinterested one if you're always passive.

    • Basically I think you're being way to critical.

    • Thanks for your answer. Guess I'm wondering why he hasn't asked for it to be official yet and if you really think I'm being passive or if it's him. I never thought I've been acting like that!