Why would he leave without explanation? Help?

I met this guy recently on this anonymous social network called "Whisper" we started talking and became friends instantly then about a month later he asked me to be his girlfriend... I said yes... So now here we are in October... I noticed that he just stopped replying... Now I got pretty worried but figured maybe he had a family emergency and let it go... I messaged him the next day and got no response.. The next day came: no response.. And that kept going for a week... Now it's Saturday and I STILL have no response and I'm starting to worry even MORE. He doesn't do drugs, he doesn't drink.. He lives with his dad and 3 siblings, his mom is deceased... The thing that worries me more is that I'm in California and he's in Iowa... Not much I can do unless I cough up 800$ for a plane ticket to Iowa! what do I do you guys? Depressed in California


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  • Sorry to hear. Could be all kinds of reasons, not easy to say, but is not uncommon that people just get dumped this way, but who knows. I suggest that you just keep messaging him on or through whatever means you can. Cause regardless you deserve to know if he simply wants to end things or not, and if it has been an emergency it regardless shows that you just care.


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