Saw my ex who I used to absolutely adore tonight for the first time in 3 years? Somebody help?

Honestly, I used to absolutely love this guy. I mean, I really did genuinely love him. It took me about 2 years to fully get over him.

Tonight i was out locally and it happened that he was out too. He spotted me, got my attention, said hi and gave me a hug. It was just a friendly hug really.

Then as I left the bar, I had felt a little uncomfortable because some guy was trying to hit on me, so I left abruptly. I had no idea my ex was watching me at the time, but he actually followed me out of the bar, tapped my shoulder and asked me if I was ok. Not just once, but like 5 times.

i told him I was fine and asked if I'd looked worried and he was like 'no, but you just kinda raced out'. After I assured him I was ok and he had asked me too many times to make sure, I left the bar.

I just felt so touched that he'd been looking out for me and clearly had his eye on me in the bar.

Does that mean anything at all? I did once really love this guy. And it was hard seeing him tonight, I was almost cold and standoffish with him.

Be honest? What does it mean really if anything?

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  • i think there is a chance he still likes you. but if it took 2 years to get over him would you really want to be with someone who caused you that much pain for so long? plus you did break up for a reason.

    • You really have hit the nail on the head. It sounds insane. But I was with him for one month in total, and in that time I absolutely fell head over heels. I'd have done anything and I just absolutely loved him. It caused me so much pain breaking up. His problems at the time were that he'd just split with his girlfriend of 2 years and he'd been a bit insecure at the time. I unknowingly had managed to make him feel even more insecure. And we ended up splitting. We were brilliant together though, so close and so much in common. He was like the missing puzzle piece for me. I was so hurt that I actually
      Messed around with his friend after us (I know that sounds awful, it is, and I regret it) but I can't even begin to explain how hurt I was when we parted. I was devastated. To this day I've never felt anything half as much as what I felt for him. What can you do when you don't get the person who you feel is the one for you?

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    • there really isn't anything you can do just give yourself time and learn from this experience. you said so yourself that you will never love him the same and he confronts you and wants you back tell him that

    • Yeah, i know. Maybe he was just being friendly, but why show that kind of concern to run out after a girl? I sure could love him again, but I couldn't go through what happened the last time again. And that would be the risk iid be taking in the end :/

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