Is it possible to be single so long?

That eventually your mind adjusts to being alone and you lose interest in a relationship or wanting to find someone


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  • Yup, it happens. Because relationship seem to much pressure.

    • No like let's say your just shy or socially awkward and it just dosent happen

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    • When girls say normal or okay is that code for your not attractive but I'm trying to be polite

    • No, that means that you look good.

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  • That was me for a long time, and then it went away and I wished like hell I could be with a specific person. And now that's gone away and the idea of relationships freaks me out so.

    • I want that so bad I want the urge to have a girlfriend just completely disappear out of my head and out of my life

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  • I'm starting to feel like this is happening to me.

    • I want it cause im. frustrated girls ignore me so there's no point

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