If you enjoyed the first date why would you not text him/her?

The first date went great (even though I was nervous) and he was really keen in seeing me again! He told me not to be a stranger and text him the next day. He texted me the next day instead but never responded after my reply. This was last Friday and I texted him again on Tuesday but he never responded. What is going on?


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  • It depends what he texted you and what your reply was. I'm not asking you to share this personal information, but it's a bit hard to give an answer to such a vague question.

    Some people do this intentionally to try to appear less eager - as if they are too busy to reply or have more important things to do when really they don't and just want to play hard to get.

    There's also people who just suck at texting back, they'll see the text then they'll forget about it, or their phone will die etc.

    The latter happens to me all the time, I'll meet them a week after they didn't reply and confront them and they'll say "Oh sorry I left my phone at my cousins" or something.

    There could be many reasons he's not replying, Wait another few days before coming to a conclusion.


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  • Maybe something happened to him? Or maybe he thought you were indifferent? I have no idea.

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