My boyfriend always makes plans on my days off?

I am out of town for work Monday night through Friday afternoon. When I arrive back home my boyfriend will tell me about all the plans he has made for the next couple days... And almost always they never include me. There is either "no room" or he's going out for a guys night. I can understand Saturdays because he coach's football and that's when the games take place but on Fridays, Sundays and Mondays he is almost never around. We have been together five years and it seems like his sudden absence is getting more common as the months pass.
I know he isn't cheating or anything severe like that. And he doesn't show me any less attention or affection. I know he loves me dearly and I know he wants to be with me. Instead of arguing with him about his absence I just allow him to go out with his boys. Truly it isn't worth the possible argument. But how can I address it and tell him I want to spend time with him without coming across negatively?


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  • Well, next week/time, just say "I had this great idea, maybe we can go to ---" and pick an exciting new place you both would enjoy. That's a real shame if he keeps planning things when you are in town, it seems like avoidance. That's not good for either of you, since it's not like you are there Mon-Fri.

    • Thank you for the MH. I hope you were able to sort through this!

    • Yes! He has gotten drastically better in the short time of when I posted this question. Yesterday we had a very pleasant family outing. We went to a nice dinner and went shopping around. It felt so nice because we have not done it in so long! Thanks for your help!!!

    • Oh I'm glad to hear it, that's great! :D

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  • To me it seems like he is getting bored, of the relationship but I would just tell him honestly and be like, We should go bowling\to the movies and make it sound fun and say you enjoy his company.