Waiting for a text good idea or bad idea?

I took a girl out a few days ago (Tuesday) and had an awesome time. I asked her out and she took a whole day to respond and blamed it on her phone being messed up but she said yes and we went with me.

She laughed a whole lot and i really felt a connection. An hour after the date at 1:00 in the morning she texted me saying she had a great time and made a joke about something that had happened at the restaurant. She then wished me a safe trip back (we live in different cities but not far) and made another subtle joke.

I responded saying I had a great time also, and made a few jokes about the night as well.

She didn't reply to that and I have not texted her since. Its Saturday.

I was planning on just waiting it out and making her make the next move. Its the third time I've taken her out; the first date i asked her out, and the second date she asked me to go eat out of the blue. This third time was by far best in terms of connecting.

These dates have been scattered and never anything consistent due to various reasons.

she's really pretty and i imagine she expects that im going to make the next move and im trying to stand out... i mean, if she really did have a great time, she would contact me woudnt she?

OR should i text/call her when im in town next week?


It should also be noted that the previous times i took her out, she did not text me saying she had a good time, let alone an hour after the date. I feel this time was the best date.


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  • Text her, don't wait.

    • Text her, even if she hasn't replied since that night?

    • May be she did not like the date and she decide not to text back. It could be a possibility.

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