I have a boyfriend, but like this guy... Advice?

Hey! So... I've been with my boyfriend for a year now. We got great memories together, and recently he moved out of state. After a month of him being gone, I moved out to him and lived with his family as well. I have a good relationship with the family and after two months, I moved back home for I had no money and lost all of it helping them out with bills and all... I started work at a haunted house and met this guy. He's extremely easy to talk to, and has this laidback yet interesting personality. I've known him for 2 weeks but we get along great.. I'm supposed to move back on November 1st with my boyfriend. But I'm second guessing myself whether I should stay in my home state, with the new friends I've made or move back to my boyfriend. I really need some advice, I'm torn...


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  • Why are you helping out his family with bills? Understand that no one is perfect. The guy at the haunted house will also have issues that you don't know about yet. They may be really minor or it may be a deal breaker. You haven't known him long enough yet. Your current boyfriend's flaws and issues are nothing new to you. By not moving back, your boyfriend will worry. He may suspect you want to leave him. Imaging your boyfriend breaking up with you right now. How do you feel? If you are devastated, then move back with him. If it doesn't bother you or you feel relieved, then stay.